VOIPO Named to Inc. 5000

Inc5000 starburstEvery year around this time, Inc. Magazine releases their annual list of the 5000 fastest growing private companies in the US. For the second straight year, the top spot went to Fuhu, the creator of an Android tablet for kids. Their 3 year growth rate was an astonishing 158,957%.


Over 3,000 companies on the list are multi-year honorees, but this is not the case for VOIPO, who was named to the list for the first time. The VoIP service provider placed number 1,320 on the list, with an impressive 3 year growth rate of 325%. Founded in 2006, VOIPO has been gaining popularity with consumers, most of which are residential users. This success is expected to continue as the company keeps up with demand and seeks new avenues of growth.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.23.58 PM
Times Square on September 4, 2014


The IT services industry ranks third from 2010-2013 in job creation, behind security and human resources. New York City claimed the title for the metro area with the most companies appearing on the list, with 399. Following New York were Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Chicago, in that order.


Other statistics about the list showed that 86% of the employees are male, and that 83% are white. While that certainly is not representative of the greater population, it is an improvement from prior years.


Click here to see the full list of companies on this years list. The report also profiles the personality traits of the top CEOs.



Dan B.