Meet the Team: James Johnson

3D man w: beerJames Johnson

I have worked in the tech industry since high school starting with building my first personal PC to creating a online business while in college to working with numerous ISP’s and telco providers.  I have worked in customer service for about ten years now and will be entering my sixth year at VOIPo in 2015.  I’m a recently married homeowner living just outside of city limits which has opened up a wide array of possibilities from gardening, composting, chickens, goats, etc.  My current hobbies are computers, gaming(both digital and board games are still cool), home-brewing, carpentry, and gardening. This year I intend to get into robotics through some of the Arduino boards with the hope that I can learn to automate some of my other hobbies to free up time.  I am an avid Internet reader and love learning new things.

What is your contribution at VOIPO?

As a support supervisor I handle escalations from our Tier 1 group, work directly with our resellers and PBX beta users, monitor and coach existing staff members as well as train newly hired team members, and help in maintaining / parsing our systems to the best of my ability ensuring operations continue running smoothly.

What motivates you?

Above anything else family and friends motivate me the most.  They’ve always been there for me and I rely on them more then anything else.

Your 5 dream Jeopardy categories?

“name that IPA”

“what’s Chris G. wearing today”

“Wear are my pants??”

“Is this my hotel room?”

“Y U Lie(inside jokes remain


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