Net Neutrality … Explained

Internet NeutralityThere’s been a lot of news recently surrounding the idea of net neutrality and what it could mean for the internet providers involved. It’s also important to note that if congress doesn’t act, there could very well be some costs passed on to the consumer as well. This piece on does a nice job of explaining the ongoing debate in simplified terms.


Generally speaking, when folks talk about neutrality, they’re referring to the ideas that led to a set of rules the Federal Communications Commission approved in 2010. The point of the rules was to keep the companies that hold the keys to the Web from playing favorites.

The “open Internet” rules prevent Internet service providers from blocking or “unreasonably discriminating” against any legal website or other piece of online content.

The philosophy behind it all, preached vociferously by Web activists, is that, in 2014, Internet access is a human right. Denying access, even in part, or giving preferential treatment to one user over another, violates that right, they say.

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