Man shouting on the phoneBack in July, VOIPO officially partnered with Nomorobo, the promising new service that blocks robocalls and telemarketers. Winner of the FTC Robocall Challenge, Nomorobo is currently the best service of its kind on the market. According to their website, the cloud-based service has blocked close to 13 million robocalls to date.


The service utilizes simultaneous ring to detect known robocallers on the Nomorobo server and block that call from ringing your home phone. To the frustration of telemarketers, Nomorobo’s large database of blacklisted numbers is continuously growing as more telemarketers and robocalls are detected.  Their system detects new robocallers if their server identifies the same number placing multiple calls simultaneously. At the same time, the service still allows important automated calls, such as weather advisory warnings and school closings, to go through to your phone.


Even if you have signed up with the Do Not Call registry, you are more likely than not still receiving unwanted calls. While Nomorobo isn’t bulletproof, it’s pretty darn close.


“Nomorobo is dedicated to eradicating the problem of robocalls once and for all,” said Nomorobo Founder, Aaron Foss. “By partnering with VOIPO, we are able to vastly expand our network of users. VOIPO’s customers will now be able to enjoy the protection of Nomorobo right from their account control panel. It couldn’t be easier for them to keep their phone line safe from spammers, scammers and frauds.”


These spammers, scammers and frauds make up for hundreds of millions of dollars in theft every year. The FTC is doing their part to protect consumers, and this includes helping to spread the awareness of innovative companies like Nomorobo.



Dan Brady

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